principessa gavia – see more winefest photos at

principessa gavia - see more winefest photos at
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The Legend of Principessa Gavia

Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a fair young princess named Gavia, daughter of Clodimir, king of the Franks and son of Clovis I. As young maidens are wont to do, she fell in love with a handsome young man who served as a guard in her father’s court. The couple sought the king’s permission to marry, but he refused to have his daughter wed out of her class. He forbade them to see each other. Desperately in love, the young couple eloped, fleeing to a distant part of the kingdom and settling in a sleepy village on the other side of the alps.
For a long time, they eluded the king’s troops who scoured the land in search of the newlyweds. Alas, one night after enjoying a generous amount of a charming local white wine, the groom became loose-lipped and confided their story to the local innkeeper. The innkeeper nodded and feigned sympathy, but after sending the groom off to bed he sent word to the king and collected a handsome reward. Troops gathered up the couple and brought them back to the king to face their punishment.

By this time word of the romance had spread throughout the kingdom, and there were intercessions on Gavia’s behalf by Alamasunta, Queen of the Goths, as well as Pope St. Hermistas. The King, of course, upon looking into his lovely daughter’s eyes, could not help but forgive her. He blessed their union, and as a wedding gift he bequeathed them the town which they had chosen to settle in. In her honor he gave the name Gavi to the town as well as the charming white wine that was responsible for her husband’s indiscretion.

It is said today that the romance lives on in each glass of Principessa Gavia Gavi.

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  1. I love this photo. The green that you captured on the bottle in contrast to the the colour of the ice looks amazing!

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